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Velmi úspěšná produkce Brain Farm, která se specializuje na leteckou kinematografii právě vydala novou sbírku úžasných snímků pro rok 2012, a to zcela v nějvyšší kvalitě HD. Zrušte svůj plán na 4 minuty a podívejte se na tento překrásná Reel od Brain Farm. 


You may not have directly heard of Brain Farm Digital Cinema, but if you were one of the 10 or so million who viewed the viral trailer for the Red Bull film “The Art of Flight,” then you are already indirectly familiar with their spectacular work. The boutique digital production house has traveled all over the world, producing a grandiose and time-bending mix of ariel, and action cinematography whose detail and scope are nothing short of mind-blowing. Clear your schedule for four minutes, tune out the world, and check out this breathtaking 2012 show reel from Brain Farm. If you’re looking for more information, The Creators Project also has an in-depth interview with Curt Morgan.